The Wing of Mini 6mm Coreless Motor Ornithopter , The Wingspan is 28cm

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The new blue wing


It's not a solid color, and the original blue is out of stock, but the size is the same



On the back, two layers of film, the back is transparent, the support rod is a 1mm carbon rod, note that the color film is not symmetrical with the transparent film, the color film on the right will be a little more than the color film on the left, and the transparent film is just the opposite, the right side avoids the left side a little less. Due to shipping issues, the color of the print may fall off slightly

The holes will be reinforced with a thick film, so that they are not easy to crack, and the two layers of film between the two holes are glued together

The spacing between the two holes is 65mm

The steps of installation, of course this is a personal practice, just for reference

The first step is to hook up the barb at the tail

The second step is to turn the wings over and insert the two carbon rods on the right into the rocker arm of the  gearbox

The third step is to plug in the two carbon rods on the left, in fact, the second step and the third step are in no particular order

The fourth step is to press the hole in the front of the wing into the fastening of the ornithopter's support rod


The weight of the three types is about the same, all of them are about 1.8g, and the purple pink is about 1.82g

The blue/orange is about 1.79g

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