Compatible Multi Protocol, Support TELEM, 2.4G Micro 4Channel Receiver Built-in 1S 5A Brushled ESC CROSSOVER-RX RX42 Series Receiver

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Compatible 2.4G radio control protocol


Compatible Multi Protocol, Support TELEM(with "+"Version), 2.4G Micro 4-Channel Receiver  Built-in 1S 5A Brushed ESC, Work Votage: 3-5V, Size: 19(L) X 12(W) X 6.5(H) mm. Use 1.0mm JST connection, same as Horizonhobby micro model interface,give 4 sets of 1.0mm JST 3P plug cable.

About the compatible protocols, note the suffix of the receiver

With A is Compatible with AFHDS (A1) or AFHDS-2A (A2)protocol of FlySky , With D is compatible with DSMX/2 protocol of Horizonhobby , Spektrum etc. With F is compatible with D8 (F1) or D16 (F2) protocol of Frsky, With H is compatible with the protocol of HUBSON,  With S  is compatible with S-FHSS protocol of Futaba.  Please select the appropriate receiver according to your transmitter protocol.

 Binding: The receiver goes in binding mode automatically after powered on and no signal for 15 seconds (slow flashing LED light turns to fast flashing), then complete the binding operation according to your transmitter binding manual. LED of receiver is on and binding is completed.

The TELEM function: it can realize the real-time monitoring of battery voltage, receiver working voltage, receiver signal strength and receiver working temperature. It also needs the supportion of transmitter, so that you can master the working status of receiver and battery in real time. Note: the distance of the TELEM function is related to the transmitter. It is normal that the working distance of the receiver is much higher than the TELEM function.

Start-Lock Function: It can prevent brushed motor starting by mistake.  For example the throttle stick is not at the lowest position when the receiver is powered on.When the throttle stick  is at the lowest position for 2 seconds, as soon as the receiver gets the signal, Start-Lock will be released then, the brushed motor can work when the throttle stick is pushed.



Receivers of several different protocols

Mark version

With A receiver is about  0.97g

With S or F receiver is about  1.02g

With D receiver is about 1.05g


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Compatible Multi Protocol, Support TELEM

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