LDARC 3Inches 75mm 2Blades racer propeller

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Артикул: LDA_PLR2_CR7515
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LDARC  3Inches  75mm 2Blades  racer propeller, Hub size 1.5mm with two M2 holes, Center thickness 5.18mm,  there are 10CW and 10CCW Propellers in one package, Clear Black\Light Green 2 colors can choice, The Price is 1CW and 1 CCW,  If you want 1CW and 1CCW, No Package!!

Clear Black\Light Green 2 colors



Package, 10L10R in a Package

CW propeller with R

Back,with fixing screw


Weight of clear black CCW Prop, 0.88g

 CW Prop, 0.86g