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Welcome to My shop. When I am a boy,I like plane models so much and I want to have a plane model to fly, Unfortunately, my family was poor at that time and I had no chance to play them. Now  I am already in my middle age, I have become a model for my own business, so I name my shop is My Dream of Flying! At Taobao, Chinese largest shopping website, I have been a seller in the store for over 10 years and serviced more than 4,000 guests. If you are interested in visiting https://shop35397625.taobao.com/, where the accessories are more comprehensive, just because of international freight limitation issue, I have only selected some products in this shop. I hope to bring the joy of getting the accessories you want to everyone here.

Featured products

M0.3 48 tooth plastic gear

For 1.5mm shaft interference fit

M0.3 56 teeth plastic gear

For 1.5mm shaft interference fit

3A Micro Brushless ESC for 1S (3.7V) LiPo Battery

Support High KV Value Brushless Motor

M0.3 76 tooth plastic gear

For 3.0mm shaft interference fit

SH1.0mm JST, Micro Servo Extension Cable

Length 110mm, weight 0.41g