3A/5A Micro Brushless ESC for 1S (3.7V) LiPo Battery

Support High KV Value Brushless Motor
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The 3A ESC has been discontinued, and the ESC has been upgraded to a 5A ESC with a lower operating threshold voltage, smaller size, and lighter weight (January 11, 2024).

MX-5A works at 2.5-4.35V, has a built-in DC boost circuit, solves the problem of excessive voltage drop when connecting lithium batteries to loads, with a size of 8.9X13mm, a continuous current of 5A (peak current of 7A/5 seconds), and a weight of 0.41g


Another side


Weight is about 0.41g

Compare with the 3A ESC


How to use, the ESC should be connected to the throttle channel

The following is an introduction to the 3A ESC


3A Micro Brushless ESC for 1S (3.7V) LiPo Battery, Support High KV Value Brushless Motor such as 15000KV or higher 0705/DP03/MP03 etc

Back, the dot of battery and receiver is separated, so easy to weld

Three kind micro ESC in my shop(the yellow one is out of stock),it is middle,Size:13X12X4mm

Weight 0.42g

Pitch 2.0mm

Ready to weld one

Silicone wire

Welding complete


Check it with multimeter

Ready to test it with a 15000KV D0705 brushless motor

At first, I didn't measure the thrust, because it's not easy to fix the motor, so I simply clamp a screw with a vice


Work fine

I don't know why the ESC was protected at about 2A current by ESC and servo tester. Use 56mm 2blade red propeller.

This is the moment of capturing. It uses a 500mah 1s battery, but it is not fully charged. At the beginning, it shows 4.0V. When capturing, it is 1.84A current, 3.4V voltage, and the voltage drop is still very large. The thrust is about 19.3g.

Votage and current

I test ESC with receiver later, the battery is 3.9V

With the 56mm propeller and the maximum throttle,It is less than 2.5A, it is 2.34a and 3.3V.

The thrust can reach about 23g

I used 60mm 2blade propeller to test ,the votage  is still 3.9V

The thrust is about 23g, but the current increases, 2.36A

Over current 2.5A, it is protected again, The show, the current is coming down. This is nearly 2.5A, the thrust is nearly 24g, but the vibration is very large. It seems that there is no accurate motor fixed base. However,the test data is differencer than the manufacturer.

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